SMPTE ST 436-1:2013

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MXF Mappings for VI Lines and Ancillary Data Packets
standard by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, 11/06/2013



This standard describes the carriage of Vertical Interval (VI) data and Ancillary (ANC) packets (HANC and VANC) in an MXF file. This standard defines the MXF wrapping of VI lines for 8-bit and 10-bit component digital signals for standard definition and high-definition television systems. This standard defines the MXF wrapping of ANC packets located on SMPTE Serial Digital Interfaces. This standard specifies information to be encoded in an MXF file so that a decoder can place decoded VI data and ANC packets at the desired locations in a reconstructed television signal. This standard does not describe the content of MXF VI data payloads and MXF ANC packet payloads or their conversion to and from physical or logical interfaces, networks, and systems other than MXF.

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