SMPTE ST 425-6:2014

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3 Gb/s Serial Digital Interface for Stereoscopic Image Transport
standard by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, 02/20/2014



This standard defines a means of transporting stereoscopic images (Left eye and Right eye images) using an interface consisting of pairs of four data streams based on the SMPTE ST 425-3 data structures. The Left eye images are carried on four data streams of the interface and the Right eye images are carried on the other four data streams. The Left eye and Right eye images are each mapped onto the respective four data streams in accordance with the mapping rules of SMPTE ST 425-3.

The stereoscopic image formats to be transported using this standard are the 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 image formats enumerated in SMPTE ST 425-3. Mapping structures for the video essence and ancillary data are as defined in SMPTE ST 425-3.

This standard also defines the carriage of ancillary data such as the audio data, the audio control packets, the payload identifierand the time code.

It is not necessary for implementations to include support for all image formats, nor is it a requirement to support both mapping modes to conform to this standard. Implementers are encouraged to indicate supported formats and supported mapping modes in commercial publications.

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