SMPTE ST 2021-1:2015


Broadcast Exchange Format (BXF) – General Information and Informative Notes
standard by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, 10/09/2015



The Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF) defines the format and content of XML Messages for the interchange of data and metadata among professional systems, as follows:

1. Broadcast schedules, including playout and record schedules
2. As run information
3. Content metadata, such as Content ID, Title, Duration, etc.
4. Content management requests such as dub and purge requests
5. Requests for transfer of content some of which will result in the transfer of Content essence between professional systems.
6. Ports as used by TCP/IP for the exchange of messages

The primary systems envisioned as users of this standard are:

Program Management Systems
Broadcast Traffic Systems
Master Control Automation Systems
Content Distribution Systems

This document serves as the master document for the 2021 suite (thus its Part 1 designation). It includes general BXF details as well as informative notes. SMPTE OV 2021-0 provides a Roadmap for the 2021 Document Suite.

Unless otherwise specified the order of precedence of the types of normative information in this document shall be as follows. Normative prose shall be the authoritative definition. Tables shall be next, followed by formal languages, then figures, and then any other language forms. In the event of a conflict between the schema and other information in this document, the schema is authoritative.

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