SMPTE ST 2001-1:2016

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XML Representation of SMPTE Registered Data (Reg-XML) – Mapping Rules
standard by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, 03/10/2016



This standard defines an XML representation for data that is registered in the SMPTE metadata registers (SMPTE ST 395, SMPTE ST 335, SMPTE ST 2003 and SMPTE ST 400). The standard is applicable for data that can be described by a Reg-XML data model. — The specification defines the items that describe a Reg-XML model, namely classes, properties and types. — The specification defines data mapping rules for representing the data in XML. — The specification defines informative model mapping rules that describe how to map a Reg-XML data model onto W3C XML Schemas (XSDs) for validation. — This specification provides a normative XSD for the representation of Reg-XML data models as Meta Dictionary XML documents.

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