SMPTE RDD 34:2015


LLVC – Low Latency Video Codec for Network Transfer
standard by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, 09/01/2015



This RDD describes the `Low Latency Video Codec’ (LLVC) and related technical information; in particular, a description is given of an example decoder implementation with sub-sampling scheme of 4:2:2 and 4:4:4.

The following items are four main elements described in this RDD:

a) The codec characteristics: brief introduction to the technologies which offer low memory/low latency and high quality simultaneously. Block diagrams of the encoding and decoding processes are also shown.
b) The codestream: a compressed image data representation which includes all necessary data to allow a (full or approximate) reconstruction of the sample values of a digital image. Additional data might be required that define the interpretation of the sample data, such as the spatial dimensions of the samples.
c) A decoder: the decoder takes as input a codestream, and by means of a specified set of procedures generates as output digital reconstructed image data. Sufficient information is provided to enable an expert skilled in the art of wavelet-based image compression to be able to construct a compatible decoder.
d) IP mapping: a simple introduction to the IP mapping of the codestream.

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